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About Me

My Background

I was always interested in art and by the age of 6 I was sawing and carving small wooden sculptures. I had great teachers in Junior High and High School that encouraged my passionate pursuit of Art. I went off to college  and majored in Art Education.

My Medium

In College I majored in Printmaking and other fields to include a variety of crafts and the Fine Arts. Today I paint in Watercolor and Acrylics. I also continue to do printmaking in reduction woodblocks and whiteline. Along with all forms of Art I have a strong background in drawing and design.

My Inspiration

I enjoy getting out in my wonderful homestate of Coloradoand exploring the beautiful scenery. I never forget my sketchbook and my camera, taking the photos and sketches back to the studio to translate into artworks. I also travel in the United States and foreign countries to get more inspiration.

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